A masterpiece of design and technology! Developed by golfers and coaches to ensure superb comfort and protection for all players, from keen amateurs to professionals. A solid foundation and good balance are the key to a perfect golf swing - TOETOE® socks are proven to help develop both balance and posture.

Research has shown that separating the toes improves proprioception - our body’s sense of its own position, balance and movement, all of which are the essence of your golf swing. Toe separation also improves blood circulation to the feet as the toes are able to move more freely. Improving blood circulation also enables the body to regulate the temperature of your feet, they are never to warm nor too cold.

Ordinary socks allow moisture to accumulate between your toes creating an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive - that’s what causes embarrassing foot odour.

Wearing TOETOE® Golf socks can help with your game - and you will agree they are the most comfortable socks you will ever wear.





Key Benefits

  • Elasticated Rib Channel - For gentle hold on leg


  • Freeform Cuff - Unrestricted cuff technology for free blood flow


  • Ventilation Channels - Sufficient air circulation


  • Arch Support Band - Elasticated band secures the sock around the arch


  • Stimulating Knitting Technology - Stimulating sensation increases awareness in movement.



  • Anatomical Toe Separation - Unique EPT™ (Enhanced Proprioception Technology) promotes non-restrictive toe movement, as in the foot’s natural physiology, separating the toes, increasing movement and dramatically improving the flow of information between the foot and brain. EPT™ creates a protective layer round each toe, improving ventilation and is proven to reduce the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and blisters enhancing effective bio-mechanical foot function.