The hills and mountains await but are your feet fully prepped for heading up long rocky trails? When hiking, it is vital to protect your feet when traversing rough terrains. TOETOE® 3D Terry Walker socks have a variety of specialised features to ensure improved performance and comfort.


 The use of Terry Loop knitting creates a padded cushioning underfoot ideal when walking over long distances. Hard bumpy surfaces, especially at an incline or decline, generate a lot of impact and instability which your feet must be able to cope with. TOETOE® 3D Terry Walker socks have cushioning at the right zonal points around the foot to reduce impact and the force of any knocks against sharp rocks.


The separation of the toes increases your awareness of the terrain and also encourages a more active use of your toes as important instruments of balance to counter the unstable ground. Taking a fall is one of the worst accidents that can occur in difficult landscapes something toe socks can help to prevent.


The higher you climb the more the temperature drops and your extremities in particular become susceptible to the cold with the risk of cold and even frostbite. To counter this and allow you to carry on it is essential that warmth and circulation be maintained. TOETOE® 3D Terry Walker toe socks insulate your feet from the cold with their thermal qualities through the use of a thick wool fabric.

The wool fabric and its wicking properties combined with ventilation channels helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Furthermore, because the socks are toe separated, this benefit is extended to the more vulnerable area between the toes where fungal infections like athletes foot are more likely to occur. This can be a problem over long hikes when limited resources and time make hygiene more difficult to maintain.

Blisters are a frequent plight for many hikers with the foot being left raw especially between the toes. Such blisters can force a hike to come to an end when really it had only just begun. However, when wearing the TOETOE® 3D Terry Walker socks the fabric between the toes helps to prevent the skin from chafing repeatedly over many thousands of footsteps.


The TOETOE® 3D Terry Walker socks also ensures a secure supportive fit through a ribbed calf channel around the calf to prevent slipping during hiking. The Achilles tendon protector at the back of the sock also decreases friction and provides support.


TOETOE® 3D Terry Walker socks have got your toes covered and will completely change your hiking experience.