Specially designed Thin-Liner socks are a finely knitted combination of CoolMax® and elastane CoolMax® wicks away moisture and elastane allows the fabric to stretch giving a perfect ergonomic fit. Research has shown that separating the toes encourages toe movement, which increases circulation and helps improve both balance and movement.

Ideal to wear with all toe shoes such as Vibram Five Finger Fila skele-toes, Adidas adiPURE. They are suitable for running, walking, jogging, squash, tennis, badminton and similar activities.

10 years of design and development has produced a sock of such quality you will find they are the most comfortable socks you have ever worn.

TOETOE® Liner / Light Runner Ankle socks stop your toes rubbing together when you exercise, helping to prevent your feet from getting blisters, people who try TOETOE® socks rarely back to ordinary socks.




Key Benefits

  • Stabilising Double Layered Cuff - Adjusts to the movement of the ankle


  • Elasticated Calf Channel - Ensures adjusting and secure hold on the leg


  • Reciprocated Heel Construction - Ergonomic heel provides a perfect fit.


  • CoolMax® Moisture Control - Excess moisture is wicked away by CoolMax®


  • Arch Support Band - An elasticated band secures the sock around the arch


  • Fine Knitted Thin Fabric - Acts as an extra protective layer under thick socks


  • Anatomical Toe Separation - Unique EPT™ (Enhanced Proprioception Technology) promotes non-restrictive toe movement, as in the foot’s natural physiology, separating the toes, increasing movement and dramatically improving the flow of information between the foot and brain. EPT™ creates a protective layer round each toe, improving ventilation and is proven to reduce the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and blisters enhancing effective bio-mechanical foot function.