Precision engineered to enhance performance TOETOE® running socks feature a uniquedurable fabric which incorporates CoolMax® to ensure wicking away from the skin of excess moisture. Manufactured with a carefully designed thickness of materials and a perfect seamless finish the flap on the back of the heel protects the Achilles tendon making TOETOE® running ideal for any terrain and all conditions.

Moving your toes regularly, helps them maintain their natural shape, if you keep them rigid they will tend to curve and overlap. Conventional socks allow moisture to accumulate between your toes creating an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive – that’s what causes embarrassing foot odour.

10 years in their development TOETOE® socks are also shown to prevent blisters by stopping your toes rubbing together when you run. People who try TOETOE® socks never go back to conventional socks.





Key Benefits

  • Stabilising Double Layered Cuff - Adjusts to the movement of the leg


  • Elasticated Calf Channel - Ensures adjusting and secure hold on the leg


  • Mid-Weight Thickness - Offers even fabric layer around the foot


  • CoolMax®  Moisture Control - Excess moisture is wicked away by CoolMax®


  • Arch Support Band - Elasticated band secures the sock around the arch


  • 90° Heel Construction - Reciprocated heel provides an ergonomic fit


  • Anatomical Toe Separation - Unique EPT™ (Enhanced Proprioception Technology) promotes non-restrictive toe movement, as in the foot’s natural physiology, separating the toes, increasing movement and dramatically improving the flow of information between the foot and brain. EPT™ creates a protective layer round each toe, improving ventilation and is proven to reduce the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and blisters enhancing effective bio-mechanical foot function.