Designed by walkers and featuring cushioned weight points and extra protection over the achilles area, whilst ensuring dry and breathable toe and arch areas. Makes long walks enjoyable. This style ticks all the boxes for an enjoyable and comfortable walk. Miles and miles with a lot of smiles!

By individually separating the toes TOETOE® Socks reduce the moisture build-up helping to eliminate the problem. 10 years of design and development have produced the most comfortable socks you will ever wear.

TOETOE® Socks are also shown to prevent blisters by stopping your toes rubbing together when you move about. People who try TOETOE® Socks never go back to conventional socks.




Key Benefits


  • Blister Prevention - Helps prevent blisters as there’s no friction between the toes


  • Extra Cushioning on the Ball of the Foot - Offers additional protection for pressure points



  • Ventilation Channels - Breathable design maintains fresh feet


  • Extra Cushioned Heel - Protective cushioning reduces friction and impact


  • 90° Heel Construction - Reciprocated heel provides an ergonomic fit


  • Achilles Tendon Protector - Thicker fabric supports and decreases friction


  • Ribbed Calf Channel - Ensures warmth and secure hold on the leg


  • Stabilising Double Layered Cuff - Adjusts to the movements of the leg


  • Anatomical Toe Separation - Unique EPT™ (Enhanced Proprioception Technology) promotes non-restrictive toe movement, as in the foot’s natural physiology, separating the toes, increasing movement and dramatically improving the flow of information between the foot and brain. EPT™ creates a protective layer round each toe, improving ventilation and is proven to reduce the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and blisters enhancing effective bio-mechanical foot function.