Mimi Anderson, 50 and a grandmother from Smarden in Kent who is already a double Guinness World Record holder, set off on 22nd September and won her third World Record title.

This time her challenge was to beat the current fastest crossing of Ireland on foot by a female - which means running 345 miles in under 4 days since the current record was set earlier this year in a time of 4 days 1 hour 39 minutes 55 seconds. She did it in 3days 15 hours 36 minutes beating the previous record by 10 hours. Known as the 'M2M', she set off on the 22nd September at 6.00am from Malin Head (the most northerly point in Ireland) and running the 345 miles to Mizen Head (the most southerly point).

She has a crew of three to help her – friends Becky Healey and Katherine Hay Heddle, and husband Tim Anderson.

To meet the criteria set by the Guinness World Records she has to have an official starter and finisher, keep a detailed log book of all her stops, with a record of the food and drinks taken, and get as many witness statements as possible, together with photographs, to corroberate her record attempt submission should she succeed.

You would not want to bet against it! As a multiple record holder Mimi has many other outstanding endurance running achievements to her name. She is not only hugely experienced in both the physical and mental preparation needed to tackle challenges like this, but also has the confidence to know that she possesses an extraordinary talent for this sort of extreme effort which enables her to time and again do them in a shorter time than others have managed before her.

Mimi is running as usual for her favourite charity to raise money for the 10 Million Metres Campaign, which was set up by Alex Flynn when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 4 years ago. He has pledged to run, walk, swim, bike and if necessary crawl 10 Million Metres to raise £1 million pounds for The Cure Parkinson's Trust. People can donate to her cause by going to the Justgiving site www.justgiving.com/marvellousmimi1.

Mimi would like to thank her sponsors for making the attempt possible, and in particular her main sponsor, Talbot Underwriting Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Validus Holdings Ltd. Talbot Underwriting operates in the Lloyd's Insurance Market through Syndicate 1183, and writes a broad range of insurance and reinsurance classes of business.

Other sponsors include impossible2Possible, runwildrunfree, Hoka, Apula, Buff headwear, Ed & Phil Active, elete electrolyte drink, Likeys adventure gear, Neovite colostrum supplement, Sunwise sunglasses, Natural Hero, TOETOE socks, The Inkerman Group and Wigwam socks.