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Primate’s unique fingers and toes have been a good 65 million years in the making. They allow a grasping action ideal for gripping branches and manipulating food. Around 7 million years ago the hominid line started to develop bipedalism and the toes started their unique evolutionary journey. The fact that 7 million years later toes are still with us tells us that they still have an important role in the function of our feet. Today rather than grasping, they help stabilise our forefoot enabling us to use the metatarsal phalangeal joints (joints at the base of our toes) as a fulcrum or pivot to progress forward. They have an essential action in helping us store potential energy in our foot arch, which is released as our heel comes off the ground. Our toe muscles remain strong and vital for healthy feet.


Today we tend to keep our toes “behind bars”, enclosed for hours in shoes and hosiery that tend to compress our toes together preventing the muscles from working properly. This un-natural state of affairs risks atrophy of the toe muscles which can lead to toe deformities like hammer toes which in themselves can lead to corns, callus and pains under the forefoot. Toes need space to work and although barefoot and the free toes that result are the ultimate treat for toes, the UK climate and our modern environment makes this difficult for most of the time.


As a musculoskeletal podiatrist practising over 25 years, a designer of medical insoles (foot orthoses) and a vising fellow at Staffordshire University, I believe that ToeToe socks offer a far more natural condition than traditional hosiery. They help space each toe apart, like toes should naturally be, rather than crushed together. I have found ToeToe socks have helped my patients with metatarsalgias such as Morton’s neuralgia (neuroma), as well as interdigital corns, and athlete’s foot to name but a few common foot pathologies.  ToeToe socks are a great improvement on traditional hosiery and the little extra time it takes you to put them on is well worth the effort. Your toes will thank you for it.


Andy Horwood M.Pod.A, D.Pod.M

Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

Visiting Fellow Staffordshire University

Member of the Society for the Study of Human Biology

Member of the Footwear Biomechanics Group

Andy  Horwood

Musculoskeletal Podiatrist
Visiting Fellow Staffordshire University
Member of the Society for the Study of Human Biology
Member of the Footwear Biomechanics Group

I enjoy wearing Toe Socks especially when I play badminton. They stop my 4th toes rubbing against my middle toes. I have advised lots of my customers who have toes that rub, that Toe Socks would be helpful and some come back to buy more.

Peter Sweiger

Bespoke Orthopedic Shoe Manufacturer


The promotion of natural foot function is an essential principal of all foot healthcare products. As one of the UK ’s leading suppliers of gait assisted products, Langer UK ltd believe that, TOETOE toe socks offer significant benefits in promoting natural movement and function of individual toes compared to conventional socks. The separation of individual digits, offers the possibility of increased proprioception, ventilation, and biomechanical function, whilst creating an environment that reduces the likelihood of interdigital pressure and abrasion.

Philip Rees

Biomechanics Engineer

I can confirm we are beginning to gather some very positive feedback. Since wearing Toe Socks our patients have found it easier to balance during the gait cycle and have more control in stance. From the neurological perspective the patients have been experiencing reduction in both quality and/or frequency of some of the uncomfortable sensations associated with distal peripheral neuropathy. Also, the patients with impaired peripheral circulation or Raynauds Syndrome buy Toe Socks as they keep their feet warmer.

Brian Beber

Registered Podiatrist

I liked the look and feel of the ToeToe socks, but was not convinced that I would notice any significant
difference from ordinary socks when using them. They are a bit strange to put on at first and when new take
some time to get a comfortable fit on all toes, but I tried them for a 20 mile run in first-time use and was very
pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were.

There is no doubt you feel much more conscious of your toes and balance when running,
with all the toes feeling snug and protected.

They also get much easier to fit on after being used and washed.

Phillip  Howells

Ed&Phil Publishing

When I first saw the ToeToe socks and was told that they improved body balance and foot function,
I thought it was just a load of marketing hype. Having now tried them, I have to confess that I was wrong!

Running feels totally different when wearing them and you certainly feel much more in touch with the ground underfoot.

As I spend much of my time running in pretty extreme off road conditions,
I really feel the benefit and am much more confident when running on rough ground.

What's more, they keep my feet warmer than traditional socks and I end my ToeToe sock-wearing runs with happy feet.

Edward  Chapman

Ed&Phil Publishing

As well as the obvious foot health benefits of Toe Socks, the separation of the toes makes it much easier to take attention to the individual functions of the metatarso phalangeal rays for the rehabilitation of a wide range of gait and foot posture related problems, such as Achilles tendonitis, anterior knee pain and low back syndrome.

Richard Panell

Registered Podiatrist / Specialist in Sports and Musculo-skeletal injuries